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Picasso " bad student " endowment
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Ba Bo Luo Luyisi Picasso (1881-1973) , the world has the modernist school painter of consequence most, lifetime brushwork and color change go. Inchoate picture behaves the theme of the clique approximately; Fix eyes on after at primitive art, simplify figure. 1915-1920 year, picture wind turns for a time realistically. 1930 surrealism of apparent ground apt. Terminal made many sculpture and crockery wait, also have remarkable success. His work has very big effect to school of contemporary west art. His art to 20 centuries history the brushstroke that having thick Mo Chongcai, people call him " mankind the infrequent talent " on art history.

Picasso has artistic talent very much as a child, he can do lifelike paper-cut, still created a lot of breathtaking paint. Zun Lin is right abandon say to sigh unceasingly, call Picasso the talent. However, " of this " talent is not an outstanding student however, attending class to be told to him is torment simply, he is not boundless ground illusion when attend a lecture, look at the large tree outside the window and bird namely. And he learns won't dry arithmetic forever it seems that. He says helplessly to father: "Add be equal to 2, 2 add be equal to a few, the root in my brain did not think originally. Not be I do not try hard, I want to focus my attention desperately, can not do namely. "And he became fellow students for this the object of embarrass, they like to run to the front of Picasso's desk, amuse him to play: "Picasso, 2 add be equal to a few? "Look at Picasso logy appearance to burst out laughing next. Also think even the teacher this child intelligence is low, do not have law teaching at all, he often is before Picasso's parents, the " that lively ground depicts Picasso is gawkish " symptom, picasso's mother listened be ashamed angry, feel to see a person without the face. Zun Lin is right abandon the painterly endowment that also is him no longer to cry absolutely, and furtive comment says: "Look the appearance of that idiotic, can draw a few pictures what to is used only. "At that time, almost all people think: Picasso is goofy.

Picasso " Geernika " the comment that faces groundless talk and derisive, picasso's father believes adamantinely still: Although the son reads be no good, but brushwork is extremely gifted. He has true understanding and appreciation to the child. He says to the son: "Won't not represent your without a single redeeming feature mathematically, you still are a painterly talent. "Small Picasso looks at father's firm and persistent face, looked for a few self-confidence. As expected, picasso always appears without striking a blowing can draw gives brilliant picture, also forgot the " incompetent " of him homework respect gradually. But, sneer at to be done not have however at this point overblown, instead all the more is violent. Small Picasso's flimsy heart cheated a shadow, he becomes not talktive, do not love more and young associate people an amuse oneself. This moment, father insists to send a son to go to school everyday, arrive classroom, father mixes paintbrush use as of model dead columbine put on desk. Father became the son's strong psychology support, left father it seems that, picasso faces the life at all without courage. Down to goes to school everyday, after the commitment that must get father can receive him to come home, picasso just meets loose father that warm hand.
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