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Register accountant " economic standard " skill of answering question of exam ch
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Author: Swim Wen Li

Register accountant to take an examination of examination paper at present and character, choice title has individual event to choose problem and multinomial choice topic. The answer that individual choice inscribes is exclusive, and the answer that multinomial choice inscribes is 2 or 2 above. Choosing a topic is actually first judicious answer after that the problem of fill a vacancy. The key depends on undertaking judging to the answer that already gave out, next choose its are correct. Write its code name inside sky. Had answered to choose a topic, must master certain knowledge of course. But if master skill of a few answering question again, will conduce to you choosing correct

Use an option problem, among them the mainest reason is an examination questions can enclothe much material. Accordingly, the choice inscribes an exam to ask to reply inside short time normally. Want to press thematic requirement answering question, in read the discovery in coiling, the demand that many examinee connect a title did not look to begin answering question. For instance individual choice title asks to choose an optimal answer, apparent, except optimal answer, the certain result in equipment option, have the validity of different level possibly also, just be not comprehensive, not complete stopped. And we have some of candidate for an entrance examination, the " with the " with go good by a " soon or charming " chooses the answer to be attracted fully, look not to glance repeatedly to the answer of the others put the past, lost a lot of chances that should notch thereby. Remember please, must see all choice results clear. A careful individual event chooses a topic, all choice answers may have appeal, however, sentence there is only however when coiling is right choice.

Manage a division. If right answer cannot one go out soon, should eliminating above all is clumsy or fantastic, incorrect answer apparently. Generally speaking, to choosing a topic, especially individual choice title, backbone copy directly almost with right choice answer from at assigning teaching material or code, him person that the equipment option of the others should rely on proposition goes designing, even if brillant propositional expert, sometimes to make up the number or the amount, the equipment options that he draws up is possible also an answer that can seeing is a mistake. Eliminate a few options as far as possible, can raise the machine that you choose answer case and notchs to lead.

If you do not know exact answer, also do not want to abandon, should make full use of what learn knowledge to guess. Generally speaking, the item that exclude is more, the possibility that guesses right answer is larger. For example, choose the answer to choose a topic for quadrinomial individual event fully, although blind chaos suspects 4 problems, press probability for, you suspect pair of one path problem likely.

Anyhow, because choice title is propositional difficulty is great, because this is not all choices,the answer is very ideal. Some answers can eliminate, raise you guess successful rate. Want to accomplish this, suggest you had better consider carefully to choose the answer individually, choose answer of equipment option, equipment choosing and equipment the consideration is contacted between the answer.
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