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Register cost of accountant exam finance affairs to manage intellectual structur
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" financial cost manages " the exam begins from 1991, already held 11 full up to now. From the point of the result of the exam, average percent of pass is in 15% the left and right sides. Among them: Was 1998 13.68% , was 1999 15.34% , was 2000 17.71% , there is 9.27% only 2001, how should try review, hold exam content well and truly, study method and reviewing skill is very important. Above all, examinee should master teaching material content adroitly, basic knowledge is only solid, ability increases analysis, judgement and integrated capacity. On this foundation, want to grasp intellectual key and difficult point, the relevant assessment point in teaching material integrated series connection rises, cooperate calendar year examination questions and exercises collect to have synchronous and concentrated practice, accomplish skill comes from practice. Additional, financial cost canal

Examinee wants the examination that manages smoothly through financial cost, want to be familiar with teaching material above all, from the relation between the intellectual construction that holds this course on the whole and its content, build intellectual network.

" finance affairs becomes administration " in all 15 chapters, can divide assign content for 4 greater part.

The first part: Financial cost management is topical (the first chapter)

The 2nd part: Financial management (the 2nd to 9 chapters)

The 3rd part: Special subject lecture (the 10th to 11 chapters)  

The 4th part: Cost management (dozenth to 15 chapters)

(One) financial cost management is topical

Basically expound the ABC of financial management and cost management and basic idea, after be study, each chapter lays theoretical foundation. This chapter asks to realize basic knowledge and basic idea through read and be being remembered. Examination questions is choice title, judgement inscribes a form, take an examination of cent allocation to be in 3 minutes or so.

(2) financial management

This one part is the key place that this course takes an exam, besides many objective problem, main computation is inscribed and inscribe integratedly out cadre cent. Take an examination of cent allocation to be in 80 minutes or so, examination questions characteristic is flexibility big, omnibus strong, requirement contacts ABC of real business and fiscal. When examinee is learning this part content - the idea that wants deep understanding to concern surely, memorize the concerned formula, example that studies teaching material seriously, contrast calendar year examination questions practices repeatedly, accomplish achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject. This part can divide again for 3 parts:

1, financial forms for reporting statistics analyses {) of the 2nd chapter. Analysis of financial forms for reporting statistics basically includes basic financial rate and the application that financial forms for reporting statistics analyses. Requirement adroitness masters the rate of financial analysis, skill and method, can reach its to change the reason has integration analysis and opinion to the financial standing of the enterprise and operation result.
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