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Judicatory took an examination of those who try administrative law and administr
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Exam of national administration of justice grooms central director fizzles out 盨

The 2nd when national administration of justice took an exam 2002, the 4th administrative law in coiling and place of part of administrative procedural law occupy minute of value to be 36 minutes in all. What its proposition characteristic and cent are worth is specific distributing for: Administrative procedural law is occupied 67% , administrative law is occupied topically 11% , the administrative law that reconsider is occupied 14% , national compensation law is occupied 8% . Examination questions pays attention to check examinee analysis and the capacity that use neatly, examination questions integration of theory with practice, problem purpose installs in former years of level prep above.

2003, what administrative law and administrative procedural law occupy the proportion that assign a value to will be maintained control in 36 minutes. Administrative procedural law still can be the key of assessment. Courtyard of top person civil code " about implementing procedural law of administration of < People's Republic of China the explanation of a certain number of > problems " in all 98, operation sex is very strong, it is administrative procedural law specific in trying practice the development that use, perfect. Examinee should try to notice. The setting of examination questions will pay attention to integration of theory with practice more, pay attention to pair of laws the assessment that applies with judicatory explanation, is not pair of laws the assessment that explains oneself with judicatory.

Administrative law and the legislation that part of administrative procedural law needs to master have administrative procedural law, administration to reconsider law, administration to punish law, country to compensate for law and relevant applicable opinion and explanation. We are mixed with respect to administrative law below of administrative procedural law for reference method and difficulty key try to elaborate. Compare wait for sectional method at civil code, administrative law is more embarrassed in order to understand. the characteristic that takes an exam with respect to judicatory, administrative law and part of administrative procedural law can divide basically for: Lawsuit of action of administrative principal part, administration, administration, administration is reconsidered recoup 5 portions with the country.

   The first part: Administrative principal part

What need to hold above all is the concept of administrative principal part. In last few years, administrative law began to replace the formulation that executive authority, administration organizes with concept of administrative principal part. Theory of administrative principal part is had in administrative law lay a foundation sexual position, it is the basis that understands entire administrative law and premise, it is the key of calendar year proposition. Do not have necessary mechanical memorizing to the concept of administrative principal part, the key is a few element that should hold it. As administration main body must enjoy administrative powers and authorities of office. Must want can carry out an activity with his name. Regarding administration as main body must be the organization of the responsibility that can assume place of executive administration activity to arise.
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