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Judicatory exam civil code reviews a few points that should grasp (on)
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Civil code is the place in exam of national administration of justice one of sectional laws with the oldest value that take fraction. Civil code includes: Civil code law of law of law of topical, creditor's rights, right of contract law, matter, marriage law, intellectual property. Review in civil code in, a lot of examinee have a few common senses: Content is much, do not know how to start; Control knowledge cannot be applied well in the exam; Take an examination of a dot to do not have systematic sex -- ,

  The systematic sex that notices civil code holds

The systematic sex of an any course holds, it is a summary of pair of this discipline systems. Sex of this kind of system holds, can generate the profit of many sided: Reduce memorial amount; Master the internal composition between knowledge; Make clear every knowledge to choose the position in whole system and action, make clear the key of the exam and difficulty thereby. The action that sex of this kind of system holds, try lift two:

" civil code general rule " the 55th become effective requirement that set civil law action. And " contract law " the become effective requirement that did not set a contract, if you can react immediately,come over, add up to a person of the same trade to be the special form that is civil law action actually namely, the become effective condition of the contract expresses to agree besides the meaning beyond, the become effective condition of other condition and civil law action is same. Again if be in " contract law " in have all sorts of regulations about time of announcement become effective: The become effective time of the announcement of the become effective time that the become effective time that if want,restricts, affirmatory become effective time, exercise rushs the announcement that requests authority, cancel authority, countervail. Confuse very easily when remember, the meaning that if we can be familiar with part of civil law action,has elaborated is denotive content, know the meaning that has opposite person states in principle arrives at the become effective when opposite person oneself, criterion in contract law all " announcement " the become effective when in principle ought to reach opposite person oneself, should understand among them exceptional situation next only can.

Main body: Citizen, legal person

Object of civil law impact: Interest of content, intellective achievement, behavior, character

Content right is compulsory: Matter right, creditor's rights, intellectual property, civil liability

Civil law fact: Make civil law impact happens, the change, account that liquidate

A few element that the content of whole civil code concerns around afore-mentioned civil law and fluctuant reason spread out:

It is main body above all:

1. Citizen (natural person)

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