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The student is being worn " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " content is take
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- most parent calls conduce health, partial parent thinks the project is endless and reasonable

- sports proportion is taken an examination of in henceforth or step up

"The capital that the body is revolution " , this is a word that we often hear, the body is the most important undoubtedly, but, before study result it may appear so not important. Then, we discover the worse and worse of some students fitness beside, have little physical strength, run two paces breathe heavily, fatter and fatter. Begin from 2006, sports included the evaluation that takes an examination of in Shenzhen the system as a topic. Already took an examination of two nowadays, does teacher, student, parent react to this how? The reporter undertook investigating interviewing respectively.

Teacher: Change student is taken an examination of to attend class in sports manner

Jing Xiuzhong learns letter of fund of sports group group leader, sports teacher is become in a gleam of all the time after coming to Shenzhen 1994, he witnessed ten years to come to Shenzhen the change of these child body states of phase of junior high school. "The standard of living of Shenzhen person is rising ceaselessly, why is the fitness of these children in however drop? " basis " health of constitution of Guangdong province student monitored result announcement 2004 " and " Shenzhen city and Guangdong saved student constitution health to monitor result contrast to study a report 2004 " , can see: Athletic quality of the student and function drop generally; Overweight reach fat student apparent increase; First 3 and tall the problem that condition of health of 3 graduate constitutions exists is highlighted especially. Many students do not run 500 meters repeatedly, a there are plenty of such people that a pull-up cannot do.

Qian Hong slowly unlock this doubts and suspicions in memory: On one hand, student lesson burden is heavier and heavier, on the other hand, the time of physical training is less and less however. Turning over, two-way negative effect, student constitution quality drops namely the thing of follow a rational line to do some work well. Money teacher memory says, sports is taken an examination of in include before, the gym on the student basically is a kind " put a sheep " of type, because every student knows sports " not important " , achievement stand or fall and enter a higher school have nothing to do, it is more giggle. And sports teacher, also be from ridicule " 4 wait for a teacher " , it is dispensable even.

Mr. Qian Hong says, when he came to Shenzhen 1994, in including, sports is taken an examination of in fact, and the mark is higher than now, seeming is 50 minutes. The enthusiasm of the gym on that moment student is very tall, it is good that fitness also compares present student apparently, did not know what reason to cancel later. Began 2006, sports restores in after taking an examination of, these two years, money teacher feels apparently, the school, parent, student took degree seriously to strengthen to gymnastic, regular meeting of money teacher classics receives the telephone call of student parent, how does the inquiry cooperate a teacher to make the sports study of good student; The gym on the student also is no longer giggle, however around exam topic conciously oneself go drilling, especially first the student of 3 grade, because they are clear, differ one minute, be in whole town may be 1000 to differ.
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