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A few kinds of special situations in college recruit students are analytic
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Artistic kind of examinee, military school, small language is professional... these nouns that had heard of it seems that, new to great majority tall 3 examinee and parent or newer idea. Complier divides as special as the wise move closely related examinee situation to do to the ministry designedly a few comb, offer examinee and parent reference.

Artistic kind: Add ahead of schedule try major take an examination ofing

In recent years, artistic kind the exam already became heat of a recruit students, its recruit students object is the candidate for an entrance examination that has artistic strong point.

Examinee wants to gain exam competence, should attend whole town art before the university entrance exam above all kind unified test, its will regard a college as admitted main basis. Test result cent is qualification and unqualified. The examinee of qualified, attend unified the university entrance exam even, its sign up, fill volunteer undertake with synchronism of other candidate for an entrance examination.

Artistic kind of examinee the achievement when the university entrance exam is admitted cannot admit control mark line with batch under the college.

Small language: Recommend a newspaper to send by the school

The official name dispute of small language connects diction to plant, basically point to the other foreign language besides English. Because small language has special demand to the student's quality, so need undertakes shifting to an earlier date taking an exam before common the university entrance exam.

The means that uses like university of Shanghai foreign language at present is: Accept the examinee that school of middle school of this city key just recommends only, the small language recruit students outside going up is specific this week will announce plan.

Military school: Cable of Kong dark ザ already

Military academy is executed admit alone ahead of schedule, mix according to examinee achievement volunteer, enroll only outstanding people to small fraction from high component by professional plan.

National defence is unripe can divide it is two kinds, one kind is from the choose in student of common colleges and universities, another kind is recruited from inside graduate of this year's high school.

The average middle school that every attends countrywide the university entrance exam is this year's high school is graduate, political qualification, moral character is good, volunteer devote national defence career, the obedience after the university graduates assigns army job, maiden, healthy, accord with " military academy recruits student medical standard " can enter oneself for an examination national defence is unripe.
Origin: New civilian evening paper

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