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Dalian " an undergraduate plans one village " administrative measure comes on st
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"Undergraduate village official " take an examination of officeholder to add 5 cent

Recently, bureau of Finance of bureau of occurrences in human life of ministry of organization of municipal Party committee of Dalian of the Communist Party of China, town, city came on stage jointly " Dalian city " an undergraduate plans one village " run temporary measure " (the following abbreviation " method " ) , for " undergraduate village official " offerred meticulous human nature to change policy basis to whole journey of obtain employment giving a village by the job that enter a village. Had " method " support, period the undergraduate of overbrim village will have more development opportunities, they are attending seat officeholder, institution to take an examination of when the collection, will enjoy more favourable treatment; And of villages and towns of low income of whole to be in town or job of low income village " undergraduate village official " , accord with a condition, governmental finance still can repay for you its help the principal and interest that learns loan.


Suitable scope

Of county of city of 8 experience farming areas " undergraduate village official "

"Undergraduate village official " object of invite applications for a job reachs above record of formal schooling to have three-year institution of higher learning, not the 30 one full year of life of obtain employment are the following (contain 30 one full year of life) graduate, can be full-time already the graduate of common institution of higher learing, OK also dispute is on-the-job " 5 big " (report big, duty big, night self-study exam, case is big, big wait for record of formal schooling of adult the university entrance exam) graduate, or from the country directional appoint the graduate that earth up. Graduate of nonlocal source of student should be accorded with only will connect a condition, also can enter public invite applications for a job.

Always pass public invite applications for a job by service of governmental human affairs means choose, unified send well of Dalian city pleasant child county of city of inn of city of inn of division of state of area of area, brigade read smoothly, gold, tile-roofed house, Pu Lan, Zhuang He city, long sea and developing zone these 8 experience, apply to new come on stage " method " . Chief expresses related bureau of town occurrences in human life, the time of public invite applications for a job is in commonly in those days the 3rd quarter.


Into the village

Registered permanent residence can come true farming turn blame
Of this locality source of student " undergraduate village official " , can fall registered permanent residence ground of primary registered permanent residence, also but change comes place area city the college that institute of service of prefectural government human affairs belongs to is graduate obtain employment service center; Of nonlocal source of student, the service center of college graduate obtain employment that can fall census register in institute of service of the 4 areas inside city or human affairs of government of county of place area city to belong to; Belong to agricultural registered permanent residence, by town blame agriculture population is dealt with when settle.
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