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Changchun summer vacation staying in school family has become a unique campus la
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With the summer vacation, Changchun university students began to set foot after another trip back home. However, some students choose to join the "family staying in school", with working part-time, to participate in after-school remedial classes or a short way to enrich the rare tourist holiday time, to become a unique scene on campus.
Press 4 at Northeast Normal University, Jilin University and other campuses to see, although summer is near, but the bulletin board is plastered with posters, a Kaoyan remedial classes, computer interest groups such as the "charge" training, there Call for tutoring , researchers and other recruitment notices, such as the Changbai Mountain and some 3-Day Tour and other content-rich and affordable travel information, attracting a lot of school to students stop viewing.

Northeast Normal University, any student admitted to the school just this year, Dan, a graduate student, she told reporters: "I just want to be teachers in particular, this holiday is just a long time and then I wanted to stay here to do a part-time, or look for work on the teaching profession to raise my self when it is so that they are closer with some of the teaching profession. "

Sea reporter found that some students from other provinces want to use vacation time to visit the famous sightseeing attractions in Jilin Province, and those usually busy with homework for students interested in training with the opportunity to participate. In this hot summer, the university "family staying in school," With their vision of a better future, is to use a variety of colorful wonderful way to spend a meaningful holiday.

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