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Celebrity tutor Lang Ping to her daughter turned into a pliant
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Together far more than to seize the opportunity to link mother and daughter In many people's eyes, Lang Ping was an excellent athlete, a great coach, but she also very much want to be a good mother. Because Lang Ping, life can only be compared is the daughter of volleyball, volleyball, and her daughter as she left atrium and right atrium. Daughter, born in the United States in 1992, whitecaps, waves waves nickname. And her husband divorced her daughter awarded Lang Ping. But Lang Ping was a "international migrant workers", often around work, her daughter followed the father has been living in the United States. In the Italian club coach Lang Ping, one time, wave wave high fever of 40 degrees, on the phone and cried to her mother. Listening to the voice of her tender and grievances, Lang Ping's heart would break, crying in the training field to the players handed the ball. Day, Lang Ping started for the United States every few hours to play a telephone, while watering told nanny to the children more, while also reminded the nurse can not give their children wash cold water bath, knowing that they said are "nonsense", she always assured high. Because to earn tuition for her daughter, earn their own rent, Lang Ping had to repeatedly cruel to leave. Daughter was very young, every time the phone is always with Lang Ping said with excitement, singing, do not know how expensive international calls, while reading children's songs, while friends tell the story, but even one month's wages even pay for the call are not enough, Lang Ping has never interrupted her. Taught at home during her vacation each value, Lang Ping to be back to pick her up, though by then often the team during the Winter or Summer Training busiest time of the most tired. Days with her daughter every night, Long waves will ask for one thing: Mom, can I ask you sleep with? Lang Ping felt very difficult, because the child to sleep is not honest, kicking and kicking the. Lang Ping is not real sleep, heard the mosquito is called, getting up to the children playing fan. During the day's work has made her exhausted, the rest is particularly important at night, along with Lang Ping, a bad heart, and if sleep does not guarantee, however, slow the next day fresh, certainly affect our work. But as a mother, daughter, Lang Ping and bear frustration, it is a dilemma. Because the guilt, every time to the United States to see her daughter, Lang Ping as the weather is always due diligence mother, no matter what the waves waves mentioned requirements, so long as minutes, she try to meet. During that time, although the separation between mother and daughter, but Lang Ping is the most concentrated its best efforts to transfer the feelings of his daughter, the children's clothing throughout the year, all her carefully optional.
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