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Beijing 2010 "Family Education Week" ended successfully
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In late November, in Beijing, "Family Education Week" by the majority of parents concerned that many parents take their children to participate in the "Family Education Week" forum, the main movie, weekend Family Camp, Public Health and many other activities. Yesterday, the closing ceremony of this event Public Health and Family Education and Children's Centre in China, the Beijing Municipal Women's Federation leaders, publishers, representatives and Yvonne Yung, Niu Li, Yang Yun and other stars debut show, the whole "Family Education Week" to a climax . Three-year "good start in Books - Family Reading Books Community Action" is officially launched, FLTRP vice president, China and other children's books Press Union on behalf of the Board Director of Fan Xiaohong new office will be donated to a children's book presence of children, to promote the development of parent-child reading devoted love. It is understood that the "Book of Good Start - Community Action Family Reading Books," a good start by the Beijing Municipal Women's Federation, the United Fund, Foreign Language Education and Research Press and a number of jointly held units, to the best children's books at home and abroad recommend to children, parents and children develop the habit of reading, children love to read. As a publishing house representatives, community child development centers outside the study recommended including "Butch Le Paradise" hundreds of books, including best children's books, free gifts to the children read, and participate in follow-up of outstanding children's books organized by promotion, love book corner, expert lectures, parent-child book club and book sale will be other public welfare activities, for parents to reach out to provide a good platform for outstanding children's books, children's reading interest for the provision of a full range of training programs to help children selecting suitable books. Party, FLTRP Child Development Center also received the "2010 Beijing, love of family education institutions," the title of vice president of external research community, Fan Xiaohong, director of Chinese children's books for this Union Executive Committee, said: "Early education is the lifelong education starting point, its importance is self-evident, child development centers outside the research community has always cherished the growth of children's care, on the public welfare to spare no effort in the hope that professional, scientific and advanced educational ideas cultivate the ability of Chinese children a happy life, but also hope that through public service activities of the platform, through the joint efforts of the community, to pass our love to more Chinese children, let them be happy, and happiness. "
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