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Correctly deal with the growth of early education to children with less
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0-3 years of age is motor, language, personality and other capacity-sensitive period of the fastest growing, is the most rapid phase of brain development in this sensitive period of the external environment to stimulate children's development is very important to complete the potential development of targeted training will be more effective. Early Learning is a good choice, by the child to participate in various games and activities targeted to constantly stimulate the visual, tactile, auditory and other senses to enrich their experience, growth in some of their capabilities, such as the sensory potential, physical, social, personality and language. Shenzhen Far East, the Ministry of Women and Children Hospital early childhood teacher pointed out that children's health: early education is not simply imparting knowledge, it is a guiding principle should be - teaching and learning in the game. Case comparison: Competition, is a common social phenomenon, food, clothing, housing, every aspect of the project will be comparisons, and raised the children, the mothers who have one more comparisons project. 5-year-old Kiki did not like their own community are those "example": Piano Etudes neighbor played patiently; English reading melodious voice to float in the air ... ... a wonderful blend these sounds could have been, but in Qi Qi is piercing ears, because my mother would take them to reprove her: "the same age, same environment, how people so much better than you?" Mama Kiki strict supervision of a face, one side could not stop sighing: "I should like her daughter!" Kiki could not help but burst out one day: "You want that daughter, I also want people like my mother too! someone else's mother had been to bring the child to early education , now stronger than me, how did you not take me to the Early Learning! " Early education is essential Many parents want their children to become gifted children through early education, in fact, early education is to cultivate children's primary interest in learning, and guide children to form good habits, not too much emphasis on skills. Parents should learn in early education to the classroom knowledge to everyday life, to the children's early education truly effective, its main form of interaction between parents and children cross into the style, not one way for parents and child care type , which can ensure the child well-being, happiness grow. Early education is critical, but need parents the right treatment! Expert opinion: Shenzhen Far East, women and children's hospitals health care professionals to remind parents of children: in a highly competitive society, love comparisons mother in fact, has a hopeful look into the phoenix of the silly women, mothers can choose the appropriate formal early education school, the child's stage of rapid development of the brain, some potential for development training. In addition, parents take their children do not disadvantage the old with the child's advantage over other home, in fact, each child has its own characteristics, can not be a straight, you can only comprehensive survey of development of their child is not better. Side comparisons of one side against the child's habits, fundamentally speaking, is slowly destroying the child's self-confidence. Child's growth momentum continued from the psychological make the self-affirmation, lack of confidence of the children were not eventually become emboldened, mediocrity.
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