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Fluoroscopy is little English studies 3 large central issues
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English should learn to rise from baby, because this is little English grooms grooming the market had held the position that hold the balance. Be engaged in little of English groom the orgnaization is increasing, english of a few adults grooms what the orgnaization also develops him energetically in succession is little English grooms project, in little English grooms the market already formed two large a group of people of same interest gradually, one large a group of people of same interest is to already the English brand of proper name grooms orgnaization, if its representing is new Oriental, a flight of stairs, Beilici, Dai Er and EF; In another entrenchment basically be to groom the school, if good faith culture learns school of school, giant,wait. Because be in little English grooms the respect is a controversy all the time ceaseless, to solve the quandary of student and parent, this print pulled a few chief commander each from inside two large a group of people of same interest, discuss little the problem of 3 large central issues that English grooms.

Focus one: Check level? Ability? What heavy what is light

Offscreen voice: What let a lot of parents feel bemused now is the objective that the child has English grooms it is to increase English capacity, still deal with an exam. Even some of parent was immersed in the child that lets his to learn odd group of English for the exam, groom individually to this problem is the orgnaization how look?

New Oriental school is little Li Jie of English department head thinks, little English grooms should not repel exam, but should try to also should be built in powerful audition, say, read, written actual strength is propped up on, this is the school is mixed groom the issue that the orgnaization cannot ignore. The student had English actual strength through learning, plus skill of a few exams, and exam skill just achieves some to plant the method of the purpose just. She says: "Little English grooms should be with the market oriented, no matter size grooms,the orgnaization should serve as vane with the market. And groom as English the orgnaization is about to have service consciousness, new east is little the ministry put forward to be radius in order to serve, it is with demand oriented, it is core with quality, can cover very big range so. Should try groom remain belong to this limits in, it is the demand of a market, have the reason of existence. " chestnut director introduces, new before east is little the ministry is to do not have an exam to groom of the project, from October 2003 the portion begins to establish communal English one class and the exam of one class B groom, after be being established at that time extraordinary success. Before establishing, they also have bewilderment, it is integrated ability grooms originally, add an exam item now, the parent can object, but the fact proves the exam grooms the project is begun very successfully, whether need exam item so groom, still want to be vane with the market.
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