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Novice: What to call to contact family education to want to notice with the pare
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Congratulation above all you are recommended by net of Fujian family education as appropriate person selected the parent, so in first time phone what should in communicating, you notice?

First time and student (the parent) call connection family education tries when telling, above all we want gentle style the other side, self introduction begins after affirming, want to let the other side knows him in very short time and let the other side good interest and impressional proceed chat, refer case of course of the other side simply while the good qualities that should be good at recommending oneself and experience, vote oneself can be competent the determination of this family education and confidence, first time should make an appointment to the other side immediately later attend class place and time, seasonable end communicates.
Illustrative sentence:
-- hello! Hello!
-- are excuse me you Ms. Wang (aunt) ?
-- hello! I am the teacher that net of Fujian family education recommends, are you is should asking a family education?
-- I am Fujian Normal University big the student of 3
-- I learn English major
-- one has taught before me first the child of 3, have certain experience, I can coach your child.

(the interest that can choose the following topic to guide the parent and you to chat)

-- is your child English is need coachs?
-- does your child go up first 3 is?
-- your home is near Zhang Jiang?
-- such, you look when to have time, do we see speak to sb face to face? (had done note preparation)
-- you address (doorplate date) tell me!
-- good, ms. Wang (aunt) , our Zhou San sees! Goodbye! (if the parent cannot decide time temporarily, can tell the parent he lies between a day to dial a phone again actively to enquire progress. )

Attention: The phone communicates time shoulds not be too long, you and parent have his time cost, should not doubt the sincerity of the other side easily more, oneself want confident strive for see discuss with sb face to face talks about the successful chance with can be created better.

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