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Why should ask family education?
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Every parents hopes the child can have a joy, happy childhood, after be brought up when the child, when the child and we become the course of parents that recalls the child to grow together and clearly past event, it is a kind greatest gratified with happiness. But we make parents also must see soberly, sooner or later, the child should walk out of our bosom, go be being entered independently swing this world, and the world that this world is a brutal competition however! Of competition the first closing is elementary school above all after graduation whether promote key middle school, it is key high school next, key university, until at this moment, we just can grow long pine at a heat. Complete these step, each pace needs the child's favorable result to support, one pace cannot be pulled down.

Child learning result not beautiful, have the reason of many sided. Baconian have 3:

1, have congenital drawback, be like intelligence quotient 70 the following children.
2, intelligence quotient does not have a problem, belong to cleverer child, but study method is backward, efficiency is low, or teacher assuming a tax does not get child reception, or teaching method of the teacher does not suit the child, the child slowly be disgusted with learns, achievement has improvement hard all the time.
3, the child is very clever, but because from small lack necessary discipline is restrained, learn a volition without adamancy, corrupt play, be infatuated with computer game overly, study is like person meaning hard also naturally.

The first kind of circumstance, because belong to objective reason, parental both neither wants depress, also cannot act too hastily. Want to notice to observe the child's potential more, rear the child a few basic viability. Studying an aspect, do not put forward exorbitant to ask to him, cannot criticize reprimand more, answer to be given priority to in order to encourage a help, develop his confidence and interest stage by stage. This kind of child studies plan normally because of cannot catching up with, study has very great difficulty, below the circumstance of the allergy that does not cause the child, can consider to ask a family education to the child. If the content that plays because of leakage is too much, the foundation is hit bad, can serious effect next learn. The child of this kind of type is taller to the requirement of family education, the teacher should be extremely rich love and patience, education explain the profound things in a simple way, lively. We pray for these children together, make a miracle a few earlier arrive!   

The 2nd kind of circumstance, advocate if the child did not master correct and efficient study,the method brings about study achievement is not ideal. Our child is to be able to fly originally, but because nobody teachs him how to fly, our child is current very can pitiful stay on the ground to climb, good regrettablly! The author once had coached the English of girl of a 4 grade, because the method is incorrect first, although she is very clever, those who learn is very demanding, it is difficult that a day of back passes 10 words, after oneself coach 3 times, she preliminary control " remember a word according to phonetic symbol " , last time class (2 hours) , she can remember 50 words easily. Her mom asks her: "Learn English to have with Mr. Li why to differ? " . Little girl: "Too different, it is many a abecedarian goes remembering a word before me, already slow forget easily again, since Mr. Ma after teaching me to follow to write down the method of the word according to phonetic symbol, it is much easier to remember a word, I want to be able to be read only, can write, just like like writing phoneticize, english is really amused, I like to learn very much now. " our little girl leaves eventually creeping times, can hover freely on blue sky. The child mastered good method, not only can improve study result quickly, more crucial is, he / she more have fun at, confidence goes learning, final he / she can learn independently, need others no longer coach. The ideal that asks family education is need teaching in home no longer later, this also is the mission of every outstanding family education and desire. We suggest the parents of the child of this kind of type asks a family education for the child strongly, make the child early one day fly!
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