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Parents highlighted the frontiers of education in the family status
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30 October 2010 to 31, "Third New Oriental Family Education Summit" held in Beijing. Forum Family Education by the China Education Association Professional Committee, New Oriental Education and Family Guidance Center contractor. New Oriental invited to the founder of Mr Yu, the Chinese Society of Education Family Education Committee chairman Professor Zhao Zhongxin, "The first person in family education," Professor Huang Nai-yu from the three areas more than 20 leading experts and thousands of family education around the school principals, parents to participate. The General Assembly invited the participation of hundreds of initiatives on behalf of parents, parents in family education highlights the cutting-edge research status and importance. Children from the Shanghai New Oriental Education Kangying bubble two parent representatives and Wang Liqing Shanghai participants, and invited to participate in the "New Oriental Club Mom: Listen to the voices from the parents" theme interviews, from the perspective of the parents family education research to develop ideas and suggestions. Kang Ying said: Now children should be satisfied on the material, but the lack of hard-working spirit, we hope that schools, community organizations, such as a lot of welfare activities for children, such as networking with schools and other children of migrant workers. Wang Liqing said: Now only one child, the lack of the sentiment of the practice, parents should develop some of his more creative. In my mother I learned a lot of ways the club, for children who are interested to learn more. As a parent, it is very important and necessary. The future, in addition to New Oriental Education Forum will continue to such a large family of academic seminars, will also rely on the "New Oriental Bubble mother club" and other family education research platform will be communicated to the millions of Chinese parents, so that the real family education in China access to breakthrough improvement.
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